Uses of edible flowers in baking

Both edible flowers and edible rose petals are most commonly used in baking.

Making a cake and decorating it with edible flowers is a very innovative idea that will surprise your guests. You can also use the edible flowers to make cakes.

Let’s see how to do it

Edible flowers for making cakes

When we have an event, celebration, birthday, we always want the cake to be the centre of attention. Well, when I talk about decorating the cake with edible flowers, I don’t mean doing it with those wafer flowers that decorate cupcakes and sweets… But I want to innovate and use natural edible flowers to make an impact in my celebration.

Once the cake is ready, you can decorate it with edible rose petals or edible flowers in a variety of colours. Pansies, for example, are purple, white, mottled yellow and on a pink or white background of the cake, they can be very eye-catching.

You can also use the edible flowers to dip into the cake’s custard. Or even edible flowers on the cake as a chocolate icing.

edible flowers for cakes

As we showed you in previous posts, you can buy edible flowers at Mercadona and also online at Carrefour.

Another way to prepare it is by crystallising it. Place the flower petals on baking paper and, using a kitchen brush, coat them with egg yolk. After a 4-day drying period, the crystallised edible flower is ready to eat.

The result is a kind of edible flower candy that is delicious. We call it “Flor de azúcar” and it is a good option for decorating cakes.


We hope you found this article useful. You will enjoy original and colourful celebrations with edible flowers for cakes.

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