habitat-friendly roses perfect for biodiversity gardens, wildflowers or cottages

5 varieties to choose from

Includes a jar of rose-based honey

label and recyclable potcover

In the exclusive Mella® collection you will find carefully selected roses to create extraordinary borders.

These roses enjoy company and look best when planted in groups.

They are compact, have a continuous bloom from bottom to top and an ideal rounded shape.

The Mella® collection gets its name from the Latin word meaning "honey" as they are irresistible to bees, butterflies and little pollinating friends who enjoy foraging on their natural-looking flowers and attractive colors.

Perfect rose bushes for biodiversity, wildflower, cottage or rooftop gardens.

You can use them in borders, small hedges or as pot plants in larger containers.

Whatever use you put these lovely plants to, you'll enjoy their colorful blooms all season long.

Amulet Mella

rich, healthy colors for wildflower settings

Exotic Mella

mix of pink and purple with a yellow halo around its center

Mellite Mella

its open center and attractive color make it a favorite with bees and butterflies

Crystal Mella

the white color of this rose is of the purest, simplest and most beautiful tone

Ducat Mella

the perfect choice for your butterfly garden

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