Recipe booklet with edible Taste of Love roses, a treat for your senses

After buying the Taste Of Love® rose bush, we have a gift for you because you deserve it more than anyone else in the world.

We have selected 15 fantastic recipes that will introduce you to the world of cooking with rose petals. Very easy to cook and will surprise any diner.

If your rose bush has not yet flowered, you can use the tasting product that comes with the plant, but if it is already flowering, do not hesitate to use the fresh petals to make your savoury and sweet dishes as indicated in the recipe booklet.

You will find 3 different tasting product options, one jar per product.

Products available this year are:

  • Rose chutney: made from the varieties of the yellow-flowered ‘Nadia Zerouali’™ rose and the apricot-coloured ‘Jordi Roca’™ rose. This sauce with citrus flavour and a spicy touch, is ideal to accompany meats, salads, fish, etc…
  • Rose syrup: made from the RED PASSION™ variety of rose with red flowers. This syrup, with its traditional rose flavour and aroma, can be used to make sorbets, sweet infusions to complement your cakes, etc.
  • Rose jam: made from the pink-flowered Raspberry™ variety of rose. This jam will transport you to flavours with sweet aromas and raspberry caramel, ideal for making all kinds of desserts as cakes, pastries or pies.

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