“lou lou”, a Quality Brand that is now here to stay

Finally, the moment we all have been waiting for has arrived and we are very excited about it. We present our quality brand “lou lou”, which will distinguish our production for its great added value.

This brand pursues to connect two realities that need each other, humans and plants. A bond capable of creating magic when our producers stop to see and listen to the plants, fusing both energies between the plants and the hands that work them.

Perfectly branched plants, with intense and constant flowering. A perfectly finished, cared for and respected plant. A plant friendly to nature and the environment that opts for the use of recycled and recyclable materials for the most part.

“lou lou” plants are born and grow in Almería (Spain), one of the places in the south of Europe with the most hours of sunshine and light in the whole continent. This leads to a much longer maturation of the plants, as the cold in this place is practically non-existent.

Therefore, when you find a plant with this distinction, you will know that it has been cared for according to the “lou lou” philosophy, so you will have the honour of sharing with it this energy, this magic and the great privilege of continuing the bond, of continuing to love and pamper it.

Rachel tells us after 25 years in the profession:

“My dream is finally coming true.

A brand is born.

It is often said that when everything is aligned, energy is created for magic to appear.

That’s “lou lou”!

A group of beautiful people who love and feel their work and who know how to read what plants and people need.

As a consequence, a great benefit is created for our planet, Mother Earth”.


Look for it in your garden centre and if you can’t find it there, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for your “lou lou” plant to take home this symbol of love between humans and plants.