How to preserve edible rose petals

Preserving edible rose petals

Once you get the edible rose petals from a hypermarket or specialised shop, you should follow the recommendations on the packaging. Even so, here are some useful tips for this delicate and perishable product.

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Preserving edible rose petals

You should buy them at hypermarkets or specialised shops that grow, package and handle the flowers before selling them. They are a fresh, perishable and very delicate product.

Don’t pick your flowers from just any garden. It is common that in order to preserve their beauty, growers may use toxic liquid fertilisers.

Keep them in the fridge in summer and in a cool place in winter. They can keep well without spoiling for a week. You can use a glass container, preferably better than a plastic one.

You can moisten a napkin and place it in the bottom of the jar, this will provide moisture and the edible rose petal will stay moist, but we do not recommend keeping them like this for more than two days. Because from then on it will begin to wither away.

Before using them for cooking, wash them with plenty of water, very carefully, so that the flowers are not bruised or broken.

It is appropriate to buy the rose petals and consume them within a couple of days, as well as the fresh salads we buy.

Another way to preserve them is by crystallising rose petals. Put them on baking paper and paint them with a small brush with egg white, then sprinkle them with sugar. Set them aside on a tray until they dry and you will have crystallised petals.

Nevertheless, this form of preservation is only suitable for confectionery, milkshakes and desserts preparations. This way they won’t spoil and you can use them to add a colourful and innovative touch to your recipes.


If possible, pick them leaving a piece of stem and put them in a glass of water, so they will last a little longer. Don’t forget to keep in mind the season of the year. Obviously with high temperatures, they will spoil faster.

preserving edible rose petals

You can also preserve edible rose petals by drying them. Place them on a tray wrapped in kitchen paper and they will dry in a few days. They can also be dried in a few minutes by baking them.

You can also make fresh homemade rose petal jam. This is another way of preserving them so you can enjoy this product all year round.

Conclusions, preserving edible rose petals

To preserve edible rose petals, buy them as soon as possible before you want to eat them so they will be fresh. Keep them in the fridge in a glass jar.

And ready to eat.

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