Edible flowers

Flowers. Which ones can be eaten?

Flowers are not only a ornamental object, but can also be used in the preparation of different foods, as has been the case over the years.

Edible flowers are those suitable for human consumption and some of them are: rose petals, pansy, pumpkin flower, camomile flower, poppy, orange blossom and lavender, among others.

They can be used as flavourings or to garnish our dishes and they can be used fresh, dried, candied, fried…

In this article you will find out which are the most commonly used edible flowers.

Which flowers can be eaten?

The most commonly used edible flowers are:


The pansy is a plant with showy flowers, from the violet family. They can be used in salads and have a mild taste similar to curly lettuce.

They have mottled and velvety petals in different colours: yellow, violet, red or white. They are therefore very eye-catching and not only decorate, but also go very well with dishes.

Rose petals

Rose petals are used in cooking to prepare desserts, make jams and decorate dishes. Another way to use them is to infuse them and make rose tea, which is very typical in Arab countries.

When you try it for the first time, it can be a little bitter, but this sensation disappears if it is seasoned with sweet or spicy condiments.

Orange blossom

Orange blossoms from lemon and orange trees are used to flavour breads and sweets. They are white in colour and have a citrus scent.


Like pansies, violets are edible flowers. They can be used in baking recipes and as a garnish for fish dishes.

The picture shows a hazelnut cream garnished with violets.

flores comestibles


Dill flower is often used to marinate salmon and other smoked fish, giving it a mild flavour.


Chives, leeks and spring onions belong to the onion family and are all edible plants. These flowers are more tender and have a sweeter taste than the onion as a vegetable. They are often used to prepare soups, creams and stews.

Camomile flower

Chamomile flower has been infused for hundreds of years, as it is very effective in relieving stomach pain.

flor manzanilla

Pumpkin blossom

Squash blossoms are mainly used in Mexican cuisine for the preparation of vegetable creams and soups. They are yellow-orange in colour and have a sweet taste.


The poppy has always been highly valued for its medicinal properties, as it serves to strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system and has multiple benefits for the skin.

They also provide nutrients such as zinc, vitamin B1 and poppy seed oil and are high in omega-6 and omega-9 fats.

This flower is edible and can be used in cooking, its seeds for making salads and its petals for garnishing dishes or flavouring sweets.


Lavender petals can be used as an accompaniment to salads and to flavour sweet dishes. They can also be infused and used to make lavender tea.

Its small purple flowers are the perfect garnish for any dish or dessert.


We hope you found our article useful. Be careful, because not all flowers are edible, you must buy them in hypermarkets or specialised shops.

Do you know of any edible flower that we have not mentioned?
We’ll read you in the comments.