Benefits of consuming edible rose petals

Edible rose petals, benefits of introducing them into your diet.

Edible rose petals are used to decorate dishes and desserts. You may already know that they can be used in recipes, but here we will explain in detail all the benefits they bring to our health.

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Edible rose petals

It is common in restaurants to find edible rose petals adorning a dish or dessert ordered from the menu.

Although it may seem innovative, rose petals have been used in cooking for centuries. Traditional culinary preparations with rose petals and other flowers can be found in various cuisines in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Some of these traditional dishes are Korean cakes, Indian desserts or Salvadorian pitos. Pumpkin seeds are often found in Mexican cuisine, and violets were already used in Roman times.

In conclusion, adding them to food not only decorates and seasons, but these edible rose petals also provide benefits for the body.

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Edible rose petals, benefits of introducing them into the diet.

When you order a dish and it is decorated with rose petals, eat them without hesitation, as they provide nutrients for the body.

They provide vitamins A and B, beta-carotene and phytochemicals.

Vitamin A helps in the formation and maintenance of teeth, bones and skin. It is also known as retinol, as it produces the pigments in the retina of the eye. This vitamin plays an important role in pregnancy and lactation.

Beta-carotene promotes cognitive function and facilitates the proper functioning of the immune system.

And the phytochemicals contained in edible rose petals are potent anticarcinogens.

-Support the immune system.

They contain high levels of vitamin C, so it is recommended to drink rose tea as an infusion to strengthen the immune system and treat respiratory problems.

-Relieve insomnia.

With an infusion of rose petals, insomnia can be treated, as it relaxes and even relieves depression.

-Purify the organism.

The infusion or tea of roses, as well as relaxing, has a mild laxative effect, so it is used to purify the body at the same time as it reduces fluid retention.

petalos de rosa comestibles


These are the benefits of rose petals when introduced into the diet. Perhaps you only knew about the benefits for skin care, beauty routines and acne.

Although it may seem new to us to eat roses, we often eat other edible flowers such as broccoli, cauliflower, spring onions or chives.

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