Healthy breakfast with Taste of Love®roses.

Many people claim that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, however, this statement has been the subject of much discussion and debate, as the reality today shows that this is not entirely true.


Science supports that a healthy breakfast promotes wellbeing.


What can be considered as a healthy breakfast?


A healthy breakfast should be composed of foods of high nutritional quality, such as sources of protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. Furthermore, it should not exceed 25 % of the daily calorie requirement.



We can confirm that just one rose from our range contains more vitamins and antioxidants than 150 grams of berries.


Today we propose a very special ingredient for this fantastic breakfast, our Taste of Love® rosebushes.


Floral aromas with citrus, strawberry and raspberry fragrances delight the most exquisite palates.


The petals of these roses are used to make an infusion that can be enjoyed hot or cold. A carbohydrate portion of wholemeal toast with petal-based jam has been taken. A board of fresh cheeses and a variety of fruit rounded off this appetising breakfast.


Would you like to create a similar work of art?


You have the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet breakfast.


All you have to do is get one of the Taste of Love® edible rose bushes.

Look for it in your local garden and if they don’t have it yet, tell them where to get it. Experience the magic of flavours!


We look forward to hearing from you!